Oct 14

Cesc Fabregas Show – No More Mr Nice Guy

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Oct 14

Entrevista Cesc Fabregas

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Sep 14

Comparativa Cesc Fabregas penalti contra Italia 2008 vs penalti contra Portugal 2012

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Sep 14

Fabregas Proves Why He Was A Good Purchase

In the opening match of the season for Chelsea it was Cesc Fabregas who stole the spotlight with a superb performance as the Spanish midfielder proved why Jose Mourinho was eager on spending around €33 million for the former Barcelona player.

Fabregas produced an impressive back-heel in the midfield which concluded with Diego Costa scoring the equalizer for Chelsea and some minutes later he was once more at the heart of his clubs’ next goal by crossing the ball over to Andre Schurrle who made no mistake in scoring it home.

This was the absolute best way for Fabregas to kick-start his career at Stamford Bridge. Jose Mourinho told the media that the Spanish midfielder was being misused at Barcelona but the Portuguese manager is well aware of what he brings to the pitch and how to maximize his talent.

Mourinho said: “When the players are your first choice it is very difficult to make a mistake. Fabregas was our first choice for that position. I know clearly what the player is because we were so long in the same league. He moved to Spain also, so for the last 10 years we have been in the same league for six or seven. I know exactly what he will bring.”

“For Barça he was the fake nine, the number ten and winger but I know and he knows what is his best position so he is giving exactly what we need, quick thinking in midfield. He brings people in the same direction. I am really happy.”

Chelsea is one of the heavy favorites on winning the Premier League title in this campaign and one of the main reasons on why the team of Jose Mourinho is being so inclined on winning it is due to their recent signings which includes having acquired the services of high-profile and world class players including Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas.

Aug 14

Cesc Fabregas – Bodyslam อากาศ

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Jul 14

Fabregas Expected To Fill Lampard Gap

The departure of the symbolic midfielder Frank Lampard from Chelsea means that the squad which is being guided by Jose Mourinho will have a huge gap to fill but the arrival of Cesc Fabregas is expected in some way to fill the void which going to be left by the English midfielder.

Not only will Fabregas join Stamford Bridge with a transfer fee of €27 million but it’s believed that the Spanish midfielder was promised to have a substantially important role in his new club. Fabregas will be given the chance to perform in the centre of Chelsea’s attacking play in the middle of the pitch in the next season.

Fabregas will be joined by: Nemanja Matic, Oscar, Diego Costa and Eden Hazard at Stamford Bridge. The combination of all those players performing in the team of Jose Mourinho has given hope to the supporters of the club that Chelsea can not only compete and win the Premier League of the upcoming season but battle for the Champions League as well.

Last season Chelsea was on the verge of claiming the English league title but fell short by 3 points and had to settle with a 3rd place finish but with the arrivals of: Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas, Mourinho now has more players at his disposal to achieve the results he has on his plans.

Thibaut Courtois and Romelu Lukaku are players that will be returning to Stamford Bridge after having played on loan deals outside of the club and both of them impressed in their respective squads. The return of those players is another boost for Jose Mourinho who will be aiming to win it all in the next season.

Jul 14

It’s Just A Moment of Change–Goodbye Cesc Fabregas

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Jun 14

Cesc Fabregas – Long Journey [HD]

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