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Dec 14

Ramos criticizes Costa and Cesc

A few days ago Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos delivered criticism towards Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas as the attacking duo of Chelsea have missed out from Spain’s matches against Germany and Belarus due to supposed injuries but even though they missed out from those matches for Spain, they have still managed on making appearances for Chelsea.

Sergio Ramos questioned the loyalty and commitment that both players have towards Spain as the defender of Real Madrid is starting to believe that Costa and Fabregas prefer playing with Chelsea instead of Spain and this is why they have been consistently performing with the Premier League club instead of their country.

Fabregas responded to the criticism that Sergio Ramos launched through the media as the Spanish midfielder of Chelsea said that he feels offended by the claims of Ramos and instead of using the media to deliver a message to him, he should just step up and tell it to him directly.

‘’I told Ramos at the time that if he has something to say to me then he should pick up the phone and call and not send messages via the media.Yes, I felt offended, and told Sergio how I felt. We eventually spoke on the phone and all is fine. It really irked me that my level of compromise was doubted. I’ve played many times and been involved in call-ups without playing.I’ve played 94 games for Spain over the past nine years and have always shown up… always and always in good faith.” Chelsea’s CescFabregas said.

Players usually have no problems representing their respective country at the international stage but managers are starting to have much more of an influence in this day and age as managers just want their teams to win matches and in order to accomplish this task they have to play with their best players available.

Not too long ago, Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers delivered a message to the coach of England, Roy Hodgson as Rodgers advised Hogdson to take special care of his English players including Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling. This is almost the same thing that happened with Jose Mourinho and Vicente del Bosque as the Portuguese manager of Chelsea revealed that he does not have a healthy relationship with the coach of Spain due to Diego Costa picking up injuries after having played for Spain.

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Vitesse Arnhem 1-3 Chelsea: Cesc Fabregas scores his first Blues goal

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Fabregas Proves Why He Was A Good Purchase

In the opening match of the season for Chelsea it was Cesc Fabregas who stole the spotlight with a superb performance as the Spanish midfielder proved why Jose Mourinho was eager on spending around €33 million for the former Barcelona player.

Fabregas produced an impressive back-heel in the midfield which concluded with Diego Costa scoring the equalizer for Chelsea and some minutes later he was once more at the heart of his clubs’ next goal by crossing the ball over to Andre Schurrle who made no mistake in scoring it home.

This was the absolute best way for Fabregas to kick-start his career at Stamford Bridge. Jose Mourinho told the media that the Spanish midfielder was being misused at Barcelona but the Portuguese manager is well aware of what he brings to the pitch and how to maximize his talent.

Mourinho said: “When the players are your first choice it is very difficult to make a mistake. Fabregas was our first choice for that position. I know clearly what the player is because we were so long in the same league. He moved to Spain also, so for the last 10 years we have been in the same league for six or seven. I know exactly what he will bring.”

“For Barça he was the fake nine, the number ten and winger but I know and he knows what is his best position so he is giving exactly what we need, quick thinking in midfield. He brings people in the same direction. I am really happy.”

Chelsea is one of the heavy favorites on winning the Premier League title in this campaign and one of the main reasons on why the team of Jose Mourinho is being so inclined on winning it is due to their recent signings which includes having acquired the services of high-profile and world class players including Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas.