Cesc Fabregas-Expect the Unexpected

Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. @arsenalfc509 You jelous? lol Xavi will ever get out of form or retired you

  2. Welcome to Barcelona!

  3. John Trollsten

    thubs up if you love this song

  4. Pranav Gavankar

    fabregas is fabulous

  5. Great Vid! Cesc is my favorite player, he is the greatest Gunner of all

  6. @eneskarakas Yeah you say welcome to barca yet he wont play :L

  7. @kingkong113 are youu a retard he is no were near the greatest gunner you
    fat prick what about adams,henry,rvp,bergkamp even szczesny, cesc is not
    the greatest gunner of all time