~NEW~ Cesc Fabregas [Can’t Be Touched] Captain in London

Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. @burnedtim download realplayer sp search it up on google and its free

  2. very nice man

  3. @ElSiciliano30 Hahaha in your dreams he’s now from Barca

  4. @yasht86 i doesn’t matter where they are from..its about turning them into
    world class players for all you fabregas may have become a nobody at
    barcelona if he stayed. and henry won 7 trphies at arsenal..and 7 with
    barca..however a premierleague title is about 10X more then a la
    liga..beacuse you actually have to play against hard teams..and it more
    then a 2 horse race.

  5. @darefresh12 you should stfu

  6. what? the song

  7. Great Video !!

  8. Nice Video =) FAV & 5/5

  9. @yasht86 david seamen, sol campbell, tony adams, ian wright,martin keown
    are you retarded or something.. ALL arsenal

  10. Amazing Video !!!

  11. Ronaldinho80Anelka39

    vry nice keep it up

  12. song makes me wanna fuck bitches, fight dumb motherfuckers, and play

  13. may I suggest that you stop showing bits of some music video that has
    nothing to do with football? I’m just sayin!

  14. what player is the first one?

  15. @DSHK45 u are joking right? u telling me that newell’s old boys made messi
    into the player he is today? (yes i googled that, but its beside the point.

  16. Dabadiestkidalive2


  17. /watch?v=aHeO1x_7AO4

  18. FaroukdabashPresents

    Great video of a Great player

  19. @sexypiratedisco but none of them is from arsenal school !!!henry (monaco)
    bergkamp and overmars (ajax) …and arsenal always steal talent from french
    league everyone now this and with barca fabregas can win titles we can’t
    say this about arsenal take the example of henry (in 2 seasons with barca
    he won more than in his hole career with arsenal)

  20. nice job, the music video add in was a nice effect but maybe you played it
    a little to much instead of showing Cesc but other than that good job

  21. Awsome vid 😀

  22. Over-rated.

  23. @AGBDLCID0 give us 60 million pounds 🙂

  24. @Coldmanification We’re not saying he should stay ar Arsenal because of it.
    The point was that Barcelona think they created him, when they didn’t
    really… I remember seeing him when he was in the reserves for Arsenal 🙂
    I played for a local team at the age of about 10 and we were having an away
    game that was on the pitch right next to Arsenal reserves playing Charlton
    reserves. I think he was about 16 or 17 and I knew him because he had
    already played a few Arsenal pro games.