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Jul 16

Vicente Del Bosque is offended to hear the media stories he calls misleading

Vicente Del Bosque is offended to hear the media stories he calls misleading. But, he must ask himself who is giving the media the content to report what they are reporting?

If a certain player is not playing and he comes and says ‘I wouldn’t have wanted this visit only for the sake of it’, is it selfless or is it a showing of how united the side is?

If the skipper of the side who normally is a fine penalty taker pushes on himself to take another one and fails and then, a veteran player passes the statement that he was willing for the shot too and it’s only for his colleague’s insistence that he left it to him, is it again a showing of the unity?

Team spirit is not limited to just being on the pitch together. It also means shielding one another and finding joy in the glorifying moments of the others.

What if you are not playing? The others are playing with the same goal which you would have played with and that is to win for Spain.  What if you were asked by your skipper to leave it to him to deal with a penalty and it remained unconverted? It could have been the case with you too. Continue reading →

May 16

Cesc Fabregas Helps Chelsea Win Against Bournemouth

Cesc Fabregas has been instrumental in helping Chelsea with their win against Bournemouth.

Indeed, the opponent team was condemned in a great way by Chelsea in the Premier League match that had been hosted by the losing side. Cesc Fabregas helped Willian of Chelsea score a goal, the third one for his side which definitely helped them win well over their opponents at the Vitality stadium.

Cesc is said to have conjured up most of the goals that Chelsea delivered. His performance and strategies were instrumental in helping Chelsea to score 4-1. It also helped to mask the weaknesses that the team had on the defense side. Bournemouth was defeated well as a result. He designed through balls that were inch perfect. He designed the strikes for Willian and Pedro which helped them to perform on the field. He delivered a flick into a corner which allowed Eden Hazard to drill it home from a distance of 20 yards. He also let out another flick, which allowed Nemanja Matic to square it into the box. He was able to tap in a goal as a result, the second one which cemented the victory for the team. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Full Highlights of Friendly–Spain 2-1 puerto rico-Friendly International

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Aug 12

Cesc Fabregas – International Love – FC Barcelona 2012 – By Jay7Prod

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Sep 11

Full Highlights–Germany 1–3 Argentina–Friendly International

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Sep 11

Puerto Rico Vs Spain 1-2 Cesc FABREGAS AMAZING GOAL 15-08-2012 Friendly International

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