the Cesc Fabregas Show 2

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  1. 0:34 Kola, you know these animals

  2. olethedeadmidget

    all he thinks about is fotball

  3. Koalas? CESC!! :D

  4. go cesc heroes

  5. 不懂……….

  6. Our Fabregas 🙂

  7. Amira Nur Amalina

    yes, he looks like sylar. I made video about them. watch my video about them 🙂

  8. alejandrafabregas

    hun you’re so cute..! Can’t wait to see you,bab!Miss u..

  9. i love him
    total legend and got hot too, he has a nice smile

  10. LMAO!! he watches heroes!
    he looks like sylar =P
    heroes is awsome w00ts!

  11. grobaniteforever


  12. Dominique Labrador

    jajaja “have you had any training in stuf like this?
    Huh no i watch a program called Heroes!!
    Que crack!!