25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas ● All Goals of Season 2011-2012 ● ||HD||”

  1. Funny how Fabregas has scored quite a few goals with his head for Barcelona in his first season. I don’t remember him scoring any for Arsenal.

  2. of course its fifa rules im just explaining why the CL has more quality. a team like barcelona, if their top left back is hurt and cannot play, they can go in the next transfer window and replace him with the best they can find. meanwhile argentina, after zanetti got too old they have basically no one. therefore there are a lot of teams that have big holes, even if they are the “top” teams.

  3. champions league is of a higher quality than the world cup. the teams are more cohesive, the strategy is more advanced, etc. clubs like chelsea or bayern munich pluck tons of international stars from the world over and have them train together for years, whereas in the world cup you have teams forced into calling up players even if they are not a good fit, very little time to train together, and no ability to get new players. example: argentina desperately needing defenders, cant “sign” new ones

  4. i think tv ratings is related to quality of sports.but today from what i see from 360 degrees,i must agree with you only one thing.which is football club competition are more exciting in terms of quality than international football itself excluding this years euro2012.

  5. total? yes. though that is not relevant, football club competitions are of a higher QUALITY than international competitions. not better TV ratings or more prize money or whatever. just quality.

  6. you are saying football clubs get more tv viewers than international tv football itself?

  7. fabregas left arsenal over 8 year same too vieria henry fabregas van persie left arsenal over 8 years lo

  8. Fabregas belongs at arsenal…since he left he’s lost his confidence and it’s sad to see that happen to such a talented player. Also, had he stayed, arsenal would be such a world class team because nasri wouldnt have left either and they would have clichy as well

  9. Spain averaged 2 goals per game at the Euro, and a paltry 1.1 at the world cup. By comparison, Barca averaged 3 goals per game last season. The fact that Spain still won speaks to two things

    1) Spain’s defense is better than Barcelona, or at least, they allow less goals
    2) International competitions are of a lower quality than club competitions

  10. Cesc is brilliant and it’s good to see him back at Barcelona. He will be even better next season after the brilliant euros that he had.

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