24 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas 4 | EL Capitano | Arsenal Time |HD 2012|”

  1. Not gonna lie, this gotta be one of the coolest videos on YouTube! Also, signing with Barcelona was a great move!

  2. Wenger did so much for the lad, Fabregas is a – STAR - within Arsenal and Premier League, But yeah, Move to barcelona where you’re just one among the others and leave Premier league, Best league in the world which la liga can’t even come close to.

  3. Got everything at arsenal, Exept for trophys! The most important thing for a footballplayer! Its obvious he wanted to leave arsenal! 6 years without 1 trophy, 10 minutes in barcelona and already a trophy.

  4. yes thats what people have 2 understand, hos whole family lives their, he s a fanatic barca fan, and HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHE misses his country, he left it with 16 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. every team needs a fabregas. why not barca??? xavi is getting older. are you not happy about a worldclass midfielder??? what´s wrong?

  6. he want to play on a world class level who can win some titles. arsenal is a good club but sorry it is not worldclass. and trust me he have a good chance in barca because xavi is old and i think with him it is a new dreamteam…iniesta, fabregas, messi

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