23 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas Interview 2006 TV Online”

  1. Gah, Cesc is so hot in this interview! Love him without the facial hair and that accent is to die for! Also love the fact that he watched Desperate Housewives, LOL! The way he says it with so much pride is just too much! 🙂

  2. “Los Serrano” jajaja yo siempre veía ese programa con mi hermana jaja e imitabamos el acento español, lástima que lo quitaron de la TV mexicana.
    Respeto, desde México 🙂

  3. I flippen love the mighty Cesc…..one problem with Arsenal is that when he does not play there are problems and I can only thing he is watching and thinking why am i at a club that cant win without me(lets hope that makes him feel great) football101myway.blogspot.com……check this out

  4. Ceeesc fabregaas es el meejor! jjajajjj
    LO amooo muchoo! 😀 si no fueraa culeee….jajajaja

  5. Cesc Fabregas: just one kiss and that will be enough! His soft, pillow lips are waiting for some other soft, pillows lips to touch them! HE LIKES DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES! I love this guy…….

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