Cesc Fabregas rocked the Premier League

The Spanish midfielder CescFabregas rocked the Premier League during the 1st half of the season but his influence in any team he joins starts to fade away in the final stages of the campaign no matter what club he performs in.

This is something that has affected Fabregas for a long time now as the performances that he made during the last phases of a season were worse in comparison to how he used to perform at the start of the campaign.

When Fabregas made his switch from Barcelona to Chelsea, the Spanish club announced a piece of information involving the midfielder which stated that even during his time playing at Camp Nou, the contributions he made to his team were significantly lower as the season progressed.

The official Barcelona website released a statement after Fabregas left Camp Nou which read: “Despite glowing starts to each campaign, Cesc’s contributions to the cause gradually decreased as each season drew to a close”.

The statistic prove that this curse which is surrounding Fabregas is indeed true as the Spanish midfielder had a passing accuracy of 89% during the first half of the season and it dropped to 82% meanwhile his amounts of shots per game dropped from 0.86 to 0.25.

The amount of assists that he has provided for his teammates has also suffered a big drop and this is something that Jose Mourinho has to take into consideration in these last months of the Premier League as the Portuguese coach might have to start giving other players a chance to step it up in these crucial matches and this could possibly lead to Fabregas being dropped to the bench or getting less playing time in the final matches of the season.

This is what Jose Mourinho might have to do with Fabregas in order to avoid dropping points and risking winning the Premier League title by placing in his starting lineup players who have been underperforming.