African soccer legend Didier Drogba has joined the growing list of stars hailing Petr Cech as he intends to retire at the end of the current season. The 36-year old shot stopper decided to call it a day when he was assured to have lost his starting role at Arsenal to Bernd Leno.

Cech has spent almost a decade and half in England’s top flight league, spending 11 of those years at Stamford Bridge before the switch in 2015. The former Czech International said he decided to quit having won all he set to achieve in the Premier League.

The former Chelsea man joined the Blues from Rennes in the summer of 2004. He impressed at Chelsea, going on to win 13 trophies including the famous 2012 Champions League title. He holds the record of clean sheets in the league at 228 in all competitions.

Since announcing his intending retirement, millions of fans have praised the keeper for his achievements. This includes Drogba who played with Cech for many years at Stamford Bridge.

Drogba said words were not enough to describe Cech considering the keeper had a good heart, was very professional in his job and had a winning mentality. The Ivorian took many down memory lane when he recollected when Cech saved three penalties and helped Chelsea to the Champions League title in 2012. Drogba seemed to genuinely wish Cech well as himself recently joined the uncertain waters of retirement.

Many other stars including Thibaut Courtois joined in hailing Cech. Courtois thanked Cech for helping him settle at the club in his first year.

Cech’s departure means Arsenal would need to get a second choice hand in the summer. Leno is expected to secure his space in the team as he has generally had a good season so far.