25 thoughts on “Ian Wright on Cesc Fabregas leaving Arsenal”

  1. @TheCharm69 no it’s people logic. We know how Nasri is like… We know how Fabregas is like.. Get the picture now? Maybe if you put your thinking cap on it might work..idk though. People who have tunnel vision usually can’t cope with thinking outside the box or inside the box. It’s a shame really

  2. he will still leave for man city soon and podolski and cazorla though none of them are good enough to play for city

  3. Its funny how when Cesc leaves it’s to actually win something, but when Nasri does it, its only for money…. Arsenal fan logic…

  4. so you hate nasri for saying the truth, seems like he is doing you a favour, if the arsenal hierachy wont listen to their top players when they leave who will they listen to

  5. ok fine 220,000 pounds or thereabouts. the reason why arsenal fans don’t hate RVP as much as because he doesn’t speak his mind to the world like say nasri who straight up said the truth that arsenal will not win any trophies in the near future

  6. rvp isn’t getting 250k a week, although if he were chasing money (ONLY) he would have gone citeh or anzhi

    now he is what 15 points above arsenal and 7 clear of citeh

  7. to be fair van persie said he would sign a contract if arsene shows intent by buying class players, wenger said he has. Who was right?…..

  8. Probably, but he had other reasons too. I’m not saying I don’t dislike him, because I still do.

  9. Van Persie had his reasons. I may not agree with his decision to leave like he did, and his statement he put out was pretty dickish, but Nasri just wanted more money.

  10. There’s a big difference in Cesc leaving and Nasri leaving. Cesc always said Barca was his boyhood and dream club, so no one can accuse him of leaving for money, because Barca was his first love and where he’s from. How can anyone blame a player for wanting to go back to his boyhood club and live out his dream? He even played for 8 years at Arsenal, being one of their best players and a great captain, showing loyalty. Nasri left for money, he has no emotional connections with Man City at all.

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