22 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● Aerial Skills ||HD||”

  1. Messi 73 goals 28 assists to ronaldo 60 goals and 15 assists THATS 26 GOALS MESSI GAVE MORE TO HIS TEAM YES GOAL.COM IS A JOKE

  2. I enjoy watching both and I can’t see anything in which cr7 is better than messi except power ( long shots and ability to jump higher), stamina and speed. For the rest dribbling, vision,ability to create goals,all the technical things, agility and acceleration messi is the best. For me the comparison has no sense, but maybe you see things that I didn’t notice so please tell me why you think cr7 is the best.

  3. Nice/dope/amazing video, I liked the music and im 21. It went well with the video. messi is the best! # Classic Leo skills +classical music = Epic messi vid .

  4. At least I didn’t defend my music offending you and u say to me be more politic! Leave you alone??? Excuse me , who started this? lol

  5. a) You do not have to be old to appreciate classical music, and a good music doesn’t have to be the most popular genre in the world. Indeed I am younger than you are who professes to be 20. And the music in the video is not an “opera.”
    b) Listing isn’t “bragging.”
    c) Try to be less defensive about your music, for it seems to me you ought be to less of an arse to accept your music as unpopular and a pain to listen through.
    d) Leave me alone, keep your music to yourself and try to be more politic

  6. i am talking about personal offending and you can keep all those opera stuff by urself .. I am not 50+ yrs old to listen opera. Don’t talk to me like opera is the most popular and listened genre in the world cuz u re wrong.. Go find urself and old guy and brag abt ur opera knowledge sir. Goodbye

  7. Hi guys wondering wether some of you can come and check out my first video and maybe even give me some feedback.It would be appreciated. :)p

  8. Hi guys.wonderin wether some of you could come and check out my first video and give me some feedback.It would be appreciated

  9. Well, you offended me in return.
    Listen to Overture to Tannhauser (Opera), Bach’s Cantata N208 or Beethoven’s Violin Romance if you are so persistent in calling it dull, insipid and uninspired.

  10. i ve been following HeilRJ’s uploads quite a long time and it’s the 1st time he makes one with this kind of music. I just expressed my opinion without offending anyone, did u really found it necessary to offend me.. whatever u say still opera or wtf it’s called is BORING for me

  11. if Ronaldo wins it, it will be because he deserves it, Messi has deserved it for 3 times ina row now and he has won it.

  12. Or perhaps you are too ill-witted to see out the difference between an “opera” and a “string quartet.”

    If you fancy dance/electronic music more, then go make your own version of this video.

  13. Messi isn’t even close to being the best the only reason he seems that is because he is no longer eclipsed by the best.

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