24 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● All 15 Goals vs Real Madrid ● Breaks Cesar’s Record ||HD||”

  1. @lordluke182 It auto corrected it my bad, but that’s all you have to come back at me with? I spelt clasico wrong? What a pussy. You know I make a good point and have nothing relevant to say back. By the way Ronaldo is yet to have a good perfoance against Barca. He looks average every time they play each other.

  2. Don’t be fucking ridiculous. Messi may have scored 2 or 3 outstanding goals against Madrid, but CR also scored lots of nice ones. 2 brilliant headers, Great finish at high speed in the 2-1 league win, not to forget about the great piece of skill 2 days ago, Pique still wonders where the ball is.
    Most Madrid fans I know accept Messi’s class, maybe even accept that he’s the best atm. Why can’t Barca supporters too acknowledge that CR is world class and realize that he’s performing well in clasicos

  3. Admit it, most of Cr goals vs Barca have been because of defense or goalkeeping errors. Most of Messis goals are because of incredible individual brilliance..

  4. @lordluke182 …show us the highlights of a Classico where Ronaldo was the best player on the pitch, show us some Ronaldo assists in a Classico or even show us a Classico where Ronaldo scored more than 1 goal… Oh Wait!?!?

  5. I meant that over 5 games as well…not in one game….that would be basically impossible…wouldn’t it?

  6. copa del rey last season, that pass for abidal was out of nothing and due to that great pass, barcelona won the game. You don’t need to always score to have an effect on a game. All ronaldo can compare with messi on is goal stats. What about passing? Messi has much better vision than ronaldo and creates and does much more.

  7. Goal stats aren’t everything though. Ronaldo might score a few in clasicos but performs very poorly in 95% of them, whereas Messi has an effect on the game in more ways than scoring. In these games you talk of where he “didn’t score”, he created very important goals in all those games but one. Did you watch that 5-0 clasico when Messi didn’t score, yet was still by far the best player on the pitch? If ronaldo doesn’t score, he does nothing

  8. So? He has still had an effect on 5 of the last 6 clasicos. Only judging a performance by amount of goals scored is laughable. You seriously think that Ronaldo plays well against Barcelona just for simply scoring a goal?….If you want to play that game also, make a ronaldo video of him scoring more than 1 goal in a game against barcelona or scoring a hatrick?…

  9. I love it how Messi hasn’t scored out of the game 6 clasicos in a row now. Pretty impressive tactical stuff by Real Madrid.

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