25 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● Top 10 Goals 2011-2012 ● Ultimate Video ● ||HD||”

  1. no ronaldo doens’t score more free kicks, and the reason for the support messi gets is because he helps his team and teammates while ronaldo acts like the rest of his team is only there to help him get more goals and more assist, sometimes when real madrid scores a goal he is not involved with he doesn’t even smile

  2. I am a C.Ronaldo fan, but I believe that messi’s teammates support him more. for example, when messi scores a freekick goal all of his teammates celebrate with him. But when c7 scores a freekick (which he scores much more than messi) only serio ramos and 2 other people celebrate with him

  3. Simply Stunning .. Awesome video and Brilliant Goal from the Legendary messi .. thanks alot make for all your videos about messi and barcelona and i hope to continue these magnificent stuff and don`t stop your pretty work .. 🙂

  4. Same retard logic applied to George Best, he never played in Spanish/Italian league so probably he sucked, a Man U whore who went to a few weak leagues to show off pfffft Rooney is better than that old gramps.what an overated piece of shit, and taking compliments from a pedophile like Pele is kinda low as well. ROFL.. Good day sir!

  5. Whatever video-whore i doubt you ever been in the Bernabeu or Camp nou anyways to judge by your own eyes, you would understand what im saying. Keep dick riding by watching videos, & for the record im not even barcelona fan but their football is just priceless.

  6. Listen, Ronaldo can outrun Messi both with and without the ball. I’m not saying Messi isn’t a better dribbler but he is NOT faster. You’re being ignorant and clearly just a hater.

  7. Barcelona would still be the best team in world without Lionel Messi being in the squad. Messi has to be one of the most overrated players ever in my opinion. I’d love to see him score 70+ goals playing for Valencia or some average English Premier League team. The greatest player ever is not Pele,Maradona or Messi, the greatest player ever is George Best and that’s the player who Pele said was the greatest player ever.

  8. Watch la liga and show me how many times Ronaldo outruns…ANYONE lately from the last 2 matches Messi outran quite a few defenders, just watch the highlights of the first match, and if you are those who just throw statements to the air without even watching la liga i gonna save my breath. If you are saying that CR7 can outrun Messi with ballcontrol you are either blind or plain retarded.

  9. You didn’t answer me so I guess you didn’t read what we wrote. Maybe you should go back to primary school. Oh, and please show me where this is proved, I’d like to see it.

  10. lol this is the most retarded thing I’ve read all night. it is the EXACT opposite. Ronaldo knows how to score, he’s got a great boot, but messi is always working, always trying to make things happen, whereas ronaldo waits for something to happen

  11. With the ball Messi outruns Ronaldo proved everywhere, without the ball Ronaldo wins but nowadays i dont know CR7 gettin older and he had a terrible start in la liga he said he is at 70% to marca magazine,, hope your are still watching football since it didnt end after the EUROCUP lol.

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