25 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● U22 Dribbling Skills Video ● 2004-2008”

  1. ahahahahahahahaah, yeah , better, Playing defensive game waiting for goalkeeper error or headers and still losing

  2. ur every word deserves a thousand praise 😛 for saying truth despite being real madrid fan . lol by da way u surprised me real madrid fans r not usually like u cheers 😉

  3. Ive been watching Messi for quite a while and I must say he finds new ways to surprise you, last season it was 21 assists in La liga and something like 12 champions league goals(correct me if im wrong) and this season its 73 goals… I swear to u guys I have supported Real Madrid before diapers and Messi is the best footballer I ever seen, But i do think barca aren’t as lethal as 2 seasons ago.

  4. If i had a heart and he wasn’t so amazing, I might say its unfair. But I don’t and he is so…

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