24 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● Ultimate ‘Never Dives’ Video ● ||HD||”

  1. I agree that Zidane was a beast but he didnt invent ” a new way toplay football” what the fuck are you talking about? People who actually invented things in football where Kruyff, Maradona, Van Basten, Ronaldo o fenomeno, Di Steffano, they reinvented football on their prime. But Zidane was a second class Maradona in my honest opinion, Messi or Iniesta outskill him on his prime due to speed with the ball. Football changes some of the good players 5/10 years ago couldnt do shit nowadays.

  2. Where’s Xavi and Iniesta? How is Messi all this without them?! It cannot beeeeeeeee!… lol

  3. No they’re not blind. They recognize the fact that Messi would much rather keep going forward than go down for the foul and risk giving up a big play. Believe me, if the refs gave the foul every time Messi went down (which they could), it would become very frustrating, even for Messi because he knows he can keep going and create scoring opportunities (which he has on several occasions). That’s called hustling. Nobody should be penalized for making an effort, even if he is [technically] fouled.

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