23 thoughts on “Lionel Messi All 26 Goals for Argentina”

  1. u are very right Hydro2oo9… i completely agree that u can have a great performance without having a goal or assist.. its all about how much effort u put in + chances created/how much impact u had + technique/skill + how well u played yur posiiton & followed yur coaches tactics

  2. @messithebest10100 it will show they were the best class you idiot sadly thats the best achievment in soccer to many

  3. How can you call me a fanboy when I’ve been watching Barcelona all my life? You was probably a United “fan” before Ronaldo went to Madrid.

  4. People who only based everything on stats know nothing about football. The only way to truely judge a performance is to watch the full 90 minute game, not look on wikipedia at stats and base it on that. For the record, Messi was the highest assister in the copa america and created by far more goal scoring opportunites than anyone, so your argument, as usual is flawed. Calling him a striker is laughable an all. Messi is NOT an out and out striker.

  5. Dont ttry to cover him up. If you dont score or assist you can only have a ok game, not a “great performance”, well, not if you are a forward. Im tired of aswering shit to fanboys so stop defending your man Messi, ok?

  6. Scoring goals alone doesn’t make a performance anyway.Messi has had much better performances than this without even scoring. Scoring alone does not make a great performance.

  7. Marcelo was playing, did you even watch the game or what? It’s Marcelo he rapes for the last goal you idiot. Also mentioning players like Robinho and Pato is laughable as 1. they aren’t defenders, so I don’t see how they would stop an attackin player and 2. they are wank anyway. Average players.

  8. well actually messi has had some good performences against big sides with the national team he scored 2 goals agaisnt spain, 4 goals against brasil, 1 goal against portugal, france, and uruguay now if you count the number of goals and matches that he had agaisnt those teams it would be 9 goals out of 12 matches which is pretty good, yes maybe messi is being overrated by saying that his better then pele and maradona but as for now his by far the best player out of all the current players

  9. Well, he scored 3 goals, but he didnt do it because he is the best, it is because those were weak teams. Higuain scored 4 and Aguero 2, and, if you look objectively, you will se that he scored in the easiest matches, with Argentina won 4-0 and 4-1. Nothing extraordinary. Look, I dont say that Messi is bad, he is good, but I think that he is overrated. He is not bad with Argentina, but he doesnt do anything amazing either, the only good thing were the las goal against a weak Sub 23 Brazil.

  10. this last season messi played 5 games for WC qualifying and he scored against Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador and he assisted Lavezzi agaisnt Bolivia and Higuain against ecuador the only bad game he had was agaisnt Venezuela but besides that he did pretty good but seriously messi is doing good now with argentina and if he continues this way then only a morron will say that messi cant play outside of barcelona

  11. Pato and marcelo played along with other good players like Neymar, Hulk and Oscar thats pretty much brasil today the only good players that didnt play were lucio, silva and alves besides the last time messi played against brazil before that game he scored a winning goal in the last minute and it was not u23 and those unexperienced players that u call can defetnetly beat czech republic or even Holland since they were really bad in the euro

  12. Sorry, I meant goals, you’re right- But still, he didnt do anything extraordinary in those qualifying matches, and he wasnt bad either. But, what I meand with the friendlies is that the Brazil match was not important at all, and because of this it was played with Brazil’s Sub 23, menaing that only young and unexperienced players were in the pitch, no good players like Pato, T. Silva, Robinho, Lucio, Alves, Marcelo, etc. Just watch his goals, they all had defensive errors.

  13. you mean 35 goals stupid, and the last games that argentina have been playing are world cup qualifying not frindlies and even though the game against brazil was a friendly there is nothing frindly between brazil and argentina it was still and important math because of the rivalry between them

  14. As for Messi, he is still young. He was only 22 in the last world cup(even Maradona weren’t great for Argentina until he was 26). International football is about experience. Wait until he is the age Ronaldo is now, he was rape the next world cup guaranteed. He is improving all the time. All this said, I only care about Barcelona anyway. I don’t even really like Argentina.

  15. He DID NOT carry portugal to the final. You quite clearly don’t understand football. How many easy chances did he miss which were set up on a plate by his team mates? I could understand if he scored 3 solo goals, but they were all set up on a plate. Portugals strongest area of the pitch was defence. Pepe and co were amazing in defence. If you think Ronaldo carried portugal you are a moron. As a TEAM they were one of the best in the competition!!!

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