The Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas has said that the Catalan club are more than just a group of highly talented individuals. Barcelona have been one of the most successful club’s in the last four years. It is not surprising because they have had the best group of individual players like Lionel Messi and Andreas Iniesta, while the presence of experienced veterans like Carlos Puyol and Xavi has been beneficial in other ways. The club also boast of the likes of Sergio Busquets and Cesc Fabregas coming to replace the veterans. Despite this, the club are not about the highly talented individuals according to the former Arsenal midfielder.

He has said that Barcelona are extremely different from other clubs because of the desire of winning they put into every match. He has said that it is extremely difficult to find the same kind of effort and desire from other teams. He has said that he had always wanted to experience the same feeling while he was playing for Arsenal. As a result, there was no second thoughts when Barcelona came knocking at the start of last season. Cesc Fabregas transferred to Barcelona for £ 35 million after he initially joined Arsenal as a 16-year-old for £ 2 million.

“This is a very competitive team. It’s much more than the talent that’s here, it’s the desire and effort that’s put into each game. When I played for Arsenal I could see it, and I wanted to experience that. It’s magnificent to be able to be on the pitch with these players. We knew that if we didn’t start out strong the game could have become a bit complicated, the team put in a great performance,” said the former Arsenal midfielder. Barcelona will be playing against Celta Vigo during the weekend looking to maintain an eight-point advantage.