15 thoughts on “Neymar – Skills and goals 2011-2012 ||HD||”

  1. he has alot of numbers but 11 is his main and he had numbers 21,7,9,11 and 17 all his life!

  2. but acturlley he is thinking to go to chelsea since he told david luiz and oscar to go and htey asked him to go and he said fine when my contract ends in 2015 he will check out chelsea so there you have the truth!

  3. If he has to wait the end his contract to go to barcelona, then barcelona doesn’t have to “buy” him, it will be free

  4. Neymar is going to be with FC Barelona in 2014. FC Barevlona already payed 1/4 of the transfer cost, 14.5 millions euros . He is normally assured to be with Barcelona in 2014.

  5. hope he isn’t going to Barca. In Barca there is no space for his creativity.

    all Barca does is passing until the opponent is asleep and then pass the ball to Messi.

    Messi is the only one who is allowed to dribble.

    As a Bayern Munich fan i would love him to play for us but Arsenal, Madrid, Milan, ManCity and even ManUtd would be good choices, too.

  6. Well, actually, there are rumours that barcelona already bought him, but he will go to barcelona until his contract is over, so in 2014 he will go to barcelona.. At least thats what I heared..

    (Thanks for watching)

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