Steven Gerrard is best Coach of Football

There are some players which are loved and admired by the club they perform in which is the case of Steven Gerrard as the veteran midfielder has spent his entire career playing for Liverpool and even at his 34 years of age, he still remains being an influential figure for the Premier League club.

Paolo Maldini for Ac.Milan is another good example of a player who has spent his entire playing career with a specific club and where he has gone off to receive the unconditional love of the fans of the club.

There was some period of time when CescFabregas was one of the most cherished players in Arsenal history as he was named as the captain of the club at a young age and he was expected to guide the Premier League club to success but instead, Fabregas decided to join Barcelona which is where he spent some time developing as a youth player at the age of 10 and the Spanish midfielder wanted to make a return to his former club.

This transfer arrived as negative news for Arsenal and their supporters as Fabregas moved to Barcelona at a time when the Premier League club needed all the help they could get in order to win titles and Fabregas was undeniably the best player in the English side.

However, fans really started to hate Fabregas when Barcelona offloaded him to Chelsea.

Chelsea is and for the majority of the history of the Premier League, has always been one of the rivals of Arsenal as well as one of the top clubs in the English League and for Fabregas to join them, it was disappointing news for fans of Arsenal to hear as many of them even burned the shirt of Fabregas which they had when the Spanish midfielder was a player of Arsenal but Fabregas replied by saying that changing clubs is part of football.

“Changing clubs is part of the game and people must remember it was Arsenal who didn’t take up the buy-back option for me. What am I going to do, retire? No way.I can understand some people at Arsenal are sad; some people are upset, some people are even angry. But I have to look after myself. I had to make a decision.

“I wanted to keep playing football, enjoying myself and my career and I felt that joining Chelsea was the best option for me. There would have been a reaction wherever I had gone’’ Fabregas said.

Previously before he joined Chelsea, Fabregas had stated that he was never going to join any other Premier League club besides Arsenal and then he goes on and joins Chelsea…