24 thoughts on “The Amazing Cesc”

  1. well the things u worte might be the only best thing u can do in your entire life. your litlle fucking mind cannot do any better u son of a bitch cocksukker…. your so fucking insignificant that if i just spit you would probably drown in it… do humanity a favor asshole..

  2. It’s easy for you to say you’re sitting on your computer talking badly of him while he’s swimming in cash and making millions.

  3. Why did he do transfer to Barcelona ?! hate it….I liked him more in Arsenal……. Cesc, Cesc…

  4. He ain better than xavi and iniesta and he’s younger than they. He shouldn’t go to barcelona because he can be legend of arsenal. There is his home and there he learned everything. GO GO Gunners!

  5. cesc fabregas AKA the master of passing, and all the other things. he’s pretty much got it all. no, im not gay.

  6. Arsenal want to sell sell sell. They said he was 60 Mill. Now they say 40 Mill. Then they will say 30mill??

    We don’t need Fabregas when you have Thiago and Sergi Roberto.

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