25 thoughts on “YouTube – Cesc Fabregas interview pre-Arsenal-Manchester City match.flv”

  1. Sure makes you wonder where that “interview” that Cesc said he would do for Arsenal fans is, right? Yea… we’re still waiting Cesc. Actions says more than words… we’re waiting.

  2. great commitment! It’s funny how all the Arsenal captains move. Viera, Henry and now Fabregas!

  3. Fabregas Loves Arsenal BUT:

    1) He’s Spanish, his family wants him home
    2) The friends he grew up with are at Barca
    3) Barca are currently the best team in the world
    4) Barca is currently managed by his childhood idol
    5) he has been @ Arsenal for 8 years, won little, & been paid a salary beneath what he could get elsewhere

    The MOST important task of a midfielder is to create chances, in the last 5 years he has created more chances and has more assist than any other player in the Europe!

  4. @Scudeyyy its called having fun with his friends, I dont quite understand how that equals betrayal. just because they happen to be spanish does not mean that he is leaving. give the guy a fucking break and let him live his life.

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